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JinFit is extremely passionate about helping others and raising awareness for Autoimmune Warriors.  Since Jin was diagnosis with Wegeners Granulomatosis she has run Half Marathons, Climbed mountains and thrown many events.  
Please help by giving a little to those who just want a better quality of life and help us to raise awareness. 

Cariad Mawr 
Jin xxx

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We have gathered a team of wonderful women to help raise money for the NHS.  These ladies have never run before and are putting themselves into an uncomfortable situation to help others your e more details about your event.



JDRF is a charity that is helping my beautiful friend and her super hero daughter come to terms with her new life after being diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes. 
Cerys was only 6 when diagnosed with diabetes and her little world was turned upside down in a day. Cerys hadn't been feeling well for a while and was constantly peeing AnnMarie (her mum) was super worried and thankfully a work colleague who's son has Type 1 diabetes heard her concerns and told her she need to get Cerys straight to the doctors as this was a matter of life and death! AnnMarie did just this and they rushed them both straight to hospital. Poor little Cerys was extremely unwell and very scared. They didn't have to wait long before getting the news that Cerys was Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. 
Their perfect little family had just been turned upside down. All alone and trying to take it all in AnnMarie had to try and somehow explain to her princess that she wasn't well, that to keep her alive they were going to have to give her injections everyday, every time she ate.

AnnMarie explained to Cerys the best she could at the time still trying to wrap her head around everything that was going on as well.  Then the first injections took place.  AnnMarie remembers the horrors of this like it was yesterday.

"It was horrible, the sound of the food trolley coming down the corridor and watching the fear appear on Cerys face!  She looked at me then darted off to the toilet where she locked herself in.  Luckily we could break in to the toilet using a penny but I was heartbroken when I opened the door.  Cerys was cowering in the corner wedged between the toilet and the wall.  I had to struggle with my 6 year old to get a life saving injection into her little leg" 

This is only a small glimpse into what they went through and Cerys was one of my reasons to fight when I was first diagnosed as we were diagnosed the same time. 

I will be running the Cardiff Half in my wed dress for this little lady and Cerys will be walking miles to raise awareness for JDRF Wales 

Please donate and show this little super hero that we are her Team Avengers and she is not alone 



Why haven’t I started this blog sooner (I’ve thought about it for a few years now). Well the answer is simple, I’ve never wanted people to judge me on my illness and least of all pity me (god forbid).
Firstly I am a 33 year old woman recently married, well travelled, student graduate and an enthusiastic creative designer who has a thirst for life. My friends are suitably nutty and my social calendar is rarely empty.
However life has not come without its challenges, for I take forty tablets, one litre of laxatives, sinus washes, nine different nebuliser solutions, six inhalers, and give myself three and a half hour physio sessions each day. I’ve learnt that living with an inherited life threatening illness your life is never going to go according to plan.
Yes the social calendar is full but holidays and events are regularly missed due to chest infections, digestive problems, severe sinusitis, chronic fatigue and hospital visits. Luckily my handsome husband is an expert in reassuring me that there are future events/weekends to look forward to. Yes I’m an enthusiastic creative designer but full-time work is sadly no longer achievable. Given all of this I never feel bitter towards my illness, in a weird way it’s made me who I am. I appreciate the little things in life (it sounds cheesy but I really do). I’ve been taught to hold on to the positives, see through the bad times and let nothing hold me back. I have my wonderful parents to thank for those attributes.
“I have Cystic Fibrosis but it doesn’t have me”.



Hi There so here's a little bit about me and my journey with Vasculitis and why I am so passionate about helping spread awareness of this Autoimmune Disease.

So what is Vasculitis?  Vasculitis is an inflammatory disease of the blood vessels and as we have so many of them there are many forms of vasculitis my form is called Wegeners Granulomatosis this name has been changed to granulomatosis with poyliangitiis.

When the disease is active my blood vessels in my upper respiratory system ears, nose and kidneys inflame and my body then starts to attack and kill them.  Now this is obviously not a good thing and i have been left deaf in my right ear I suffer with sinusitis and my lungs were badly damaged.  WG almost took my life and I had to do a lot of fighting for answers as i was presenting with an ear infection and doctors have not much knowledge of these diease and just kept telling me that it was just a nasty ear infection.  I was lucky that I work in the health care system and had a lot of people questioning what was happening.

After one doctor thought outside the box I was sent for a full body MRI scan where they picked up on the lesions in my lungs and the inflation of the blood vessels that the disease was causing.  After many blood tests and a biopsy of my lungs they had the finally diagnosed me.  I was given a leaflet about what chemotherapy I would like to go on as this would be long term and because I am young they wanted to make sure Those the one for me as this could harm the chances of me becoming pregnant in the future.

I started my treatment 2 weeks after being realise from hospital to give my body a chance to become a little stronger to withstand the drugs.  I was in a wheelchair as I was too weak to walk.

After many months of growing my strength I made a promise that I would do my best to help raise money and awareness for Vasculitis UK as my experience within the health care was so bad and would never want anyone to go through what i did. 

Since then I have so far raised almost £3000 run the Cardiff half, climbed mountings in my wedding dress and held many events.

Please help us spread awareness about this disease and help us find a cure 

All my love Jin  

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