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Rebuild your body


Starts Monday 6th September
I am looking for 5 Yummy Mumma’s to take on a rebuild body program..


This program will help focus on foods that will help repair your bodies and if your breastfeeding it’s a great way to keep you feeling fuller for longer and making sure your baby is getting all of those yummy calories without you gaining weight. If your not breast feeding we have a program that will suit your body needs too.

I will work closely with you to help rebuild, repair and strengthen your bodies to help prevent back pain and create a strong foundation to help with everyday Mumma lifting.

✅You will tone up from the inside out
✅You will feel great
✅You will drop an inch or two
✅You will meet new friends

This is a 4 week course.

Cost £24.00

No refunds
Kids and babies are welcome.
You have to had your postnatal check and are well to start rebuilding your bodies.

Fitness Class
Playful and Fitness
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