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Prenatal and 


Core Strength

Rebuilding, strengthening and creating a strong core

Whether you've just had a baby,thinking of having a baby, have a bad back, suffer with unwanted bladder movements or you just want to strengthen and create a strong core this class is right for you.  We have designed Core Strength to work your core muscles inside and out.  We focus on our  kegels, breath and making our body strong.

Core Secure helps Prevents back pain, prolapse and has many benefits with balance and strength 

This 45 minute class is ideal for Mum'S on the run and we welcome baby/ toddlers and kids 

Pleases feel free to take our core secure questionnaire, fill it in and join us  for our 6 week challenge to rebuild, strengthen and tone your core  


Working the body as a whole

Rebuilding your bodies after having a baby is often difficult as we are never sure where to start and we often want  to run before, we can walk! 


With Mumma Strength we work on rebuilding the body both mentally and physically.  

We learn to listen to our bodies help knit it back together from the inside out with slow moves that you can hold your baby our use a sling. 


Pregnancy Fitness

Taking you all the way through your pregnancy journey

Stretch, Strength and Core this class is slow paced, calming and most imoprtantly structured to help build  your body strong throughout your pregnancy.  This calss has been designed with eliments of yoga, pilates and strength in mind.

At the end of each class we will have a small breathing and mediation section to help become one with our bodies that will help when it comes to giving birth to our babies

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