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Creator of JinFit

Hi I am  Janine
I am 30 something & enjoy life, love keeping fit & eating everything in moderation.  
I have been in the fitness world since I was 15 & have done every fitness class/gym you can imagine & have always kept myself fit with different challenges. 

In 2013 I met the man of my dreams and he changed the way I looked at life.  He has been a personal trainer for over 10 years and he knew how passionate I was about training and how much I loved to challenge my body.  
He taught me all about nutrition and how to fuel me body for training.  
You see I haven't always been a healthy eater for one I work in the n.h.s. and we love the sweet stuff to keep us going as we work so many hours an find it hard to grab a break.
Any who that's when Matt introduced me to the Paleo lifestyle. It was a struggle at first and I suffered with extreme sugar withdrawals and that's when I started to bake my Paleo treats. At first I would take them into work and sell them to friends then Matt thought it would be a good idea to start it as a business and that's when
Jin's Paleo Treats was born and before we knew it we were selling all over the u.k.
This was amazing but I felt I needed something to compliment my healthy lifestyle and  I wanted to learn so much more about health and fitness, so I did just that and I became a fitness instructor, Kettlebell Coach and a Personal Trainer and much more.

JinFit was born the summer of 2015. 
I strive to keep classes short sweet, sweaty and fun as I know all to well that a women's work is never done.
I hope you will come join me in class so you can fall in love with fitness like I have and also have fun whilst doing 
Cariad Mawr
Janine xxx

After starting JinFit I became seriously ill to find out more about me and my journey of becoming fitter and healthier than before pleases visit my blog

Be the women your little girls look up t


JinFit Instructor 

Leanne Roberts

This Strong Beautiful women has been a JinFit member for over 2 years and I could see that Leanne had a passion for fitness and helping others on their journey.  After a little chat Leanne took the leap and has now become qualified and is one of the JinFit instructors.

❤️ Lady Lucy ❤️ The beautiful lady Lucy


JinFit Kids Instructor

Lucy Owen

This incredible Lady has been with me from day dot and has run our JinFit kids zone and will now be running our JinKid Fitness classes that will be coming soon to the centre.

Lucy will specialise in everything Kids

JinFit Instructor

Mandy Good

This incredible Lady has been with team JinFit for over a year and is the happiest women you will meet.  Mandy will have you smiling throughout your workout even when you are being pushed to your limits 

Welcome to Mandy's World