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24-week fitness plan to get ready for your first marathon

With 24 weeks until I will be running the London Marathon for Ovarian Cancer Action I have started the mammoth training schedule.

For the first month I will be working on my running and breathing techniques and making sure that I can nail these before sucking up and spitting out the miles. I will also be making sure that my diet is up to scratch as I will be burning up the calories and will need to fuel my body with the best nutrition my favourite thing FOOD.

It's important that I can get a pace that I can maintain throughout and also getting my breathing right.. I am struggling at the moment with my breathing due to illness and also the damage caused by Vascuilits which I suffer with. But I am positive that I will nail it.

In month 2 I will be starting my strength training with my wonderful husband where we will be working on getting the strength in my legs with a variations of squats and dead-lifts and much more.

Month 3 will be mostly getting those miles up and keeping up with the strength training.

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