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Classes this week

No need to book as some classes are not showing on the system Monday 9.40am CircHIIT 5.40pm Step it up 6.15pm JumpFit 6.50pm LadyBell Course Tuesday 9.40am CircHIIT 5.40pm CircHIIT 6.15pm JumpFit 6.50pm LadyBells Course Wednesday 9.05am JumpFit 9.40am LadyBells Kettlebell 5.15pm CircHIIT 5.50pm JumpFit 6.20pm Barbelles Thursday 5.40pm Core Secure 6.15pm FoxyBoxing Friday 9.40am JinFonda 10.15am Core Secure 5.05pm Step it Up 5.40pm JinFonda See you Wednesday 🌸💗 

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