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Christmas Party Season is coming 😳💃🏻

Right ladies I have dipped into the biscuit tin one too many times and need to sort my life out before the Jolly season begins. I have a goal of shedding inches and have 30 days to do it. Who’s with me?

This is for anyone and everyone you do not have to be a JINFIT member or attend classes

It’s £1 a week to be in which includes

Facebook group

Weekly Weigh-In and measurements (this can be done online with a video guide) or if you prefer with me.

Share your weight loss or send to me privately.

Help and guidance

Sharing food ideas, recipes

Slim Bitch of the week

After the 30 days the shit storm who lost the most inches will win half of the money that went into the £1 a week.

Hit the link below if you want in and add friends if they want shits and giggles and to lose some weight too.


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