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Work your way to the perfect bikini body

The most important thing for you to do to reach your body goals is sort out your diet. By diet I don't mean some fad, shakes or magic tablets I mean eating healthy foods making things from scratch, avoiding sugary foods and low fat no calories as these things don't help fuel your body or take care of it.

Look into changing a few things at first then work on the rest as you go. Take out bread for the first few weeks and progress from there.

As for your fitness keep it fresh making sure you change it up ever 8 weeks other wise your body will plato and you may become stuck.

Always, always remember that you should go into this with a healthy goal, a realistic goal and never ever compare your self to others as you are setting yourself to fail from the off. We are all born differently and our body shapes are different as well as the way digest, store and distribute fat around our bodies. We also have to remember that age is a huge factor in the way our bodies work and our hormones. As women our weight can fluctuate a lot during the time of the month and also when we hit the age of maturity. Remember to love the change and to stay away from the scales and always go with how you feel.

Excerise alone won't help you get into shape so make sure you get the balance right and you can't go wrong. 80% food 20% workout xxx

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